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welcome to our new  w3b s1ght, powered by Front Page


Who are we?

We are Debel Designs, well established IT specialists since 1986

Why I have never heard of you?

Probably we never heard of you too.

We can bring kool-izm to your page!

we are a small group of cybercoolartsmentors and w3bt3ks

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nextgenarts for y'all

NEW!  We are proud to announce our short-time offer. We have decided to provide non-profit and charity organizations with a free debel design! We decide who to work with!!!   We can also work with some individuals. Please use the contact from below to contact us.

More about us:


  1. Established as well specialists since the dawn. Our team has 325 years of combined IT knowledge and 2446 kg of total weight!!!

  2. A sample!!! Very good!!

  3. Coming Soon

Note: We do not  run RAID, because we do not like it.

You can do your optional selection if you want:

Or if you have business purposal use this from:

*no hidden tyops in this page*


Fill up the contact from if you please:

This sight is best seen at 1074 X 768 DPI


To Do List:

Please note that we are currently planning to implement section for Scheduled Hardware Failures, where we will post our Hardware Failures Schedule regularly and will update it promptly!

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QUESTION:How do I get your services in my favour?

ANSWER:dear fried first i must say to you that the lokation you selected to come is the most strategy point of the Internet plus the web quality is perfait abouth your question us you looking the main photo you will sea that in the ground level there is 1 doumble room web site plus a studio site on the first floor we have 2 doumble web site aps and in the second floor the same every server is aprox. m2 included 2 large servers (4-5persones) a web aerea with all the nessaisery equipements for cocking anythink plus 2 balconies with Internet view we have 5 like this plus a web studio the daily rate will be 70/day plus 10 for every adding we leave next door and if somethink huppen we will be there in seconds please let us know abouth your final decide
best regards
CEO of the Web

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